Specialist All Weather Shooting Gloves HG003 by Leather Factory Outlet

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Specialist All Weather Shooting Gloves HG003

Specialist All Weather Shooting Gloves HG003

  • Synthetic leather Synsi-feel palms
  • Toughtek non-slip material on fingertips (except index) and palm strategically placed for handgun use
  • Neoprene back
  • Velcro closure assures a snug
  • comfortable fit

These gloves are called the Specialists because Special Forces personnel love them. They’re made of synthetic leather called SYNSI-FEEL that acts like wet suit material. It traps your body heat and keeps your hands warm in cold, wet conditions. And, it does not absorb water so they can be submerged with no adverse reactions. Each fingertip except for the trigger finger has a small pad of non-slip material to help in gripping and control of handheld objects. Yet, they fit almost skin tight and ar


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